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To DO lists

Page history last edited by KM 12 years, 3 months ago

Things to do (after the conference)



Conventions used in this do-list 

  • Names appear in red text wherever a task has been allocted to someone.
  • Red highliting indicates UNALLOCTED TASKS. 


Organisational Structure

  • George: convene  meeting of INLAP / WCP
  • Kitty to draft a definite proposal for the relationship between INLAP, WCP and NETLAP, bearing in mind that other organisations may well be linked to it as autonomous organisations.   We could then present this to INLAP and WCP.
  • George: convene a meeting of original steering group plus whoever volunteered on return sheets (would be first NETLAP meeting?) in order to 'divi out jobs' / find out who will be on (and convene) each project team.


IT workgroup

  • Kitty: 'circulate' that mySociety proposal (by puting it on wiki). Deadline for proposals is Sept 15th 
  • George: Convene 1st teleconference of this workgroup. 
  • Kitty: Change the settings on this wiki so that it automatically sends e-alerts when a page changes (may need firstly to tell registered users how to stop receiving them (or reduce frequency).
  • Kitty: change wiki name to NETLAP if that's agreed.
  • .Kitty: set up a page for discussing additional ways of discussing things!  The pros and cons of yahoo groups, facebook groups etc as alternatives or supplements to discussion on wiki pages.DONE
  • Other people: put information on that page! [Not me, I don't know much. KM]
  • Kitty: check out Google docs.
  • Someone: set up page for comparison of various ways of being updated when a page changes (wiki's own facility vs RSS feeds using Live Bookmarks / Bloglines /My Yahoo / Google) [I've just discovered they exist but know nothing about them. KM 8/9/09]


Dialogue training

  • Will we have a 'dialogue meeting' (as offered by Rosie H)?



  • Rowntree's next dealine is approx 3 months from 8/9/09


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