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This page defines how we collaborate on this  wiki (and perhaps more generally).


For now: the wiki is 'public' in that anyone may read it, though they are unlikely to come across it unless they are on the conference steering group.  Only 'invited' people can leave comments or edit pages, but invitations are freely available, here's how:   just attempt to edit a page (ie click on the EDIT tab next to the VIEW tab on the page you want to edit). This will bring up a prompt asking you to request permission by sending an email to the wiki administrator (who  promises to grant permission, and will be extremely pleased that you are taking an interest, but is disgracefully erratic about reading her emails so don't be offended if it takes a few days).


In the longer term: as more peple get involved, we will need policies that define more clearly:-

  • who is responsible for what
  • what web-site priveleges (read/comment/write/edit/delete)  various categories of people should have
  • how people get appointed to roles (self-appointment? selection proces? de-selection process?)
  • a process for mutual accountability (and resolving disputes)


Policy on Types of activism


The conference is likely to attract people involved in different types of activism,  not all of which will be compatible.   This wiki will not adopt a position as to the relatve merits of different types of activism.  Its  role is to enable groups that may have different  positions to collaborate on their areas of overlap. 


This wiki  will be edited in a way  which prevents it being identified with any one approach. Within the wiki, separate pages (or collections of pages) may  have different  house styles (some with wikipedia-style  Neutral Point of View,  some not).   If this becomes too problematical, the wiki admin reserves the right to split the material into separate websites with separate identities.  Or leave in a sulk.






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