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Dialogue with Decision-makers

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Everyone's Guide to Achieving Change -


a step-by-step approach to dialogue with decision-makers


The Oxford Research Group has published a useful booklet with the above title. I have a note to self, made I don't know when, which says the booklet is freely copiable, and am uploading the text  bit by bit, starting with the bits that might be most relevant to our forthcoming meeting with Bill Rammell . KM. 26.10.09. 




Extracts already uploaded onto this web-site


Preparing to meet a decision-maker

Non-confrontational communication

Take care of your own anger and stress 



CONTENTS of booklet (not all uploaded yet)




About dialogue


Step1 : getting to the core of the problem


Step 2: beware of assumptions


Step 3: The basic research to find your decision-maker


Step 4: The first contact with your decision-maker


Step 5: Take care of your own anger and stress


Step 6: What to do if ...


Step 7: Non-confrontational communication


Step 8: Preparing to meet a decision-maker


Step 9: Following up the meeting and evaluation


Step 10: Remember that change is possible




Dialogue workshops


Supporting Oxford Research Group


Other ORG publications








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