22 7 09 Conference Call on Discussion Groups

Phone Conference on Discussion Groups 22 July 2009

(George, Kitty, Jim, only)


We substitute “discussion groups” for “workshops”. Although we shall try to use a knowledgeable person to give a two-minute introduction, they will not be led seminars.


The titles will be recast as questions: “How do we .......................”


The IT element will pervade most of the discussion groups. However, we shall retain a separate IT group. Rename “How to make the most effective use of IT and the media”, with a view to setting up a post-conference IT working group.


Group 1. Creating an archive of common responses from government and politicians. Drop “Examples of correspondence with the Government”.


Rapporteurs and facilitators.

It’s hard work for same person to do all four as facilitators and a danger of them all driving in the same direction. The sessions will therefore be independent but will use the same rapporteur each time. The rapporteur will simply record and compile.

We shall need a pool of 6-8 facilitators who will have the option to move between groups.

George will contact speakes ASAP to see how many are willing to take part in Groups.

Next Conference Thursday 3o July 9.30


The Wiki Kitty has set up will be useful to us in planning and post-conference working, but this will need to be supplemented by an inter-active website. Kitty will explore the possibility of using “MySociety”

www.mySociety.org, for a website.